7th project workshop, Drinovci, Croatia

7th project workshop, Drinovci, Croatia

Zagreb, September, 24th 2019

The final workshop of the safEarth project was held by a leading partner – the Croatian Geological Institute, at the OPG Skelin in Drinovci, Croatia, 16-20. September 2019

As the project nears its end, so are the activities reduced to conclusions, so that the main topics of the workshop were:

1) Analysis of funds spent in the first 5 project periods;
2) Analysis of activities by project packages;
3) Preparation for final project activities;
4) Guidelines for landslide susceptibility maps production.

The topics of interest were finance and implementation. During the project, the project partners encountered many obstacles that prevented the envisaged activities from being implemented. For many of the obstacles, steps have been taken that will, in the future, make future projects easier to implement. A review of the activities carried out so far revealed that the activities planned for the first 5 project periods were successful completed. Also, a guidelines and duties were shared for the upcoming tasks in the final period.