Transnational advanced management of land use risk through landslide susceptibility maps design

Short description

The main Project objective is cooperation work involving all project partners to address the problems that landslides in the region cause, especially through:

  • designing of Landslide Susceptibility Maps (LSM) for project areas (at small and large scale),
  • preparation of Guidelines for Landslide Susceptibility Maps design,
  • development of Strategy for created guidelines implementation in legislation of PP’s countries,
  • informing the local community and public, and rising awareness on landslides as geohazard events.

According to main goals, project activities will be implemented within following project areas:

  • Zagreb County, Sisak-Moslavina County, and Brod-Posavina County in Croatia,
  • Prozor-Rama Municipality, Tuzla Minicipality, Brčko District, and Municipality of Žepče in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Tivat Municipality in Montenegro.

Besides the activities mentioned above, a mitigation infrastructure works will be performed in Municipality of Žepče.

All of the project results will be publicly available to all interested parties.


The project is co-financed by Interreg – IPA CBC Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014 – 2020, European Union’s programme


June 2017 – November 2019


Lead partner

Croatian geological survey, Zagreb, Croatia

Project partners

Faculty of Mining Geology and Civil Engineering – University of Tuzla,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development Agency Žepče,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Geological survey of Montenegro,

Specific Project objectives are titled as follows:

  • operationalization of best practice methodologies for design of landslide susceptibility maps for spatial planning and proper infrastructure construction,
  • strategies for the implementation of landslide susceptibility maps management concepts for risk prevention,
  •  capacity building for relevant stakeholders and administrations through discussions, workshops and dialogues.

Projektno područje

Za projektna područja izradit će se karte podložnosti na klizanje u sitnom mjerilu. Sukladno dobivenim rezultatima, unutar projektnog područja definirat će se pilot podučja za detaljna terenska istraživanja. Dobiveni podaci koristit će se za izradu karata podložnosti na klizanje u krupnom mjerilu.


Brod – posavina County

Sisak – moslavina County

Zagreb County


Tivat Municipality

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brčko District

Prozor – Rama Municipality

Tuzla Municipality

Municipality of Žepče